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Auto daiquiri lime

sup all :D
Ive got a on going thread in novice section but thought id post here because its my first plant and think i might need a lil help :)
Its a Auto daiquiri lime and has had 24 hours light throughout her life, 300w led mars to veg and 400w hps flower
got carbon filter & fans etc with room temp of 23-27c R/H at 40-45
Growing in canna terra pro soil with perlite in a 20L RootNurse pot (fabric)
Currently feeding 2ml of oldtimer bloom feed to 1ltr water and for the first time today because it was delivered i added 1ml of this stuff and lowered the normal bloom to 1ml. was i right in feeding this? im doubting myself looking online.
56 days from above ground this was a picture taken earlier today and ive only just fed her.

Just wondered what you all think? and whether the yellowing at the bottom is a worry?
feel like my yield wont be much aswel if im honest but im happy if it even comes of (being my first) :D

Sorry for all the posts etc just don't wanna waste my efforts :)

Thanks all TR :cool:

October 11, 2017 at 05:25PM

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