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No more sun-Moving inside-need help!

Hello THCtalk. First timer and first post. I've attempted many time to research but the information out there is downright overwhelming. I am an avid home winemaker and use a forum daily so I know just how helpful your advice can be.
Please bear with me here. I'm a rookie so I'll do my best to give the background info:

I was given small 3 plants in May that were about 6"-8" with a few nodes already. I have limited space and no experience (aside from 2 previous failed attempts without research). I gave 2 plants to a buddy who's got some exoerience, and kept one for myself.
I gave her TLC all summer long, and re-potted into a 3 gallon pot by the end of June. Watering as needed. I had to keep the plantnon my small deck where it received about 65% of the sunlight it would have gotten in an open field. Things have been progressing decently. I topped it once. Then bent some areas for that knuckle high stress technique. Worked like a charm. She grew to over 3' tall.
-first sign of flowering was 3rd week in august.
- sparingly used an organic nutrient 1-3-1 a couple times since then
- the potting soil was also organic
-due to reasons beyond my control I was forced to move the plant away from the edge of the deck further from visible eyesight. Getting much less sun when the sun is already out for much less
-live in jersey so in a northeast climate.
-since my buddy has 2 other plants in able to see how it "should" be looking
-my flowering is moving at a snails pace and the leaves are not as healthy as they were. Slightly cupping down around them.

With some basic research I think my plant has a sunlight deficiency. And I'm running out of outside time. My thoughts as to moving forward to make this a successful harvest:
-move the plant inside
-repot with some fresh legit soil (don't know what type)
-buy some proper cannabis flowering nutrients (endless options)
-purchase a light and come up with a schedule
-can't break the bank for this. Many cheap ones on Amazon for less then even $30. But wattages and sizes I'm
clueless what I would need.
-buddy's plants are budding beautifully looking amazing. My plant has no buds though flowering has thickened up in the middle of he stems and with lots of white pistils. But nowhere near where it should be by now.
- haven't checked my soil or water but I do have a ph meter and could if I needed to.

Please help a dude out! I just need to finger pointing in the right direction.

I'm including a number of pictures to help with this troubleshoot. -----don't know why but some of my pics are able to upload. I'll keep attempting to get them on here.

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September 29, 2017 at 04:07PM

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