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Incredible Bulk Windowsill Grow Issues

Hi Everyone!

First time poster and grower here. Any help would be much appreciated.

Before getting to my problem, i will give you a bit of backround info on my plant.

She is 15 days from start of germination and i am very happy with her considering she is grown completley natural (except soil which is miracle gro). She started her life by being placed directly into soil. No soaking in water/papertowels before hand. She then sprouted her leaves around 2 days later, has been a growing ever since. Shes just starting to sprout her 4th set of leaves, which i am over the moon consisering shes been feeding off tap water and natural sunlight.

The only other issue i have had until now is plant stretch. After about 7-8 days she was starting to struggle supprting her weight, which was expected considering her growing conditions, i decided to re plant her burying her stem deeper into the soil so only an inch/2 of stem could be seen. This has helped massivley amd her stem is looking thicker, stronger and better than ever before.

Since shes been growing on the windowsill its hard to say light timings, i have been putting her to bed in a 100% dark closet tho. Id estimate times at 15: 9 with anything from 4-8 hours of direct (although not very strong) sunlight.

Now onto the issue.... I woke up this morning and one of her leave tips has curled upwards and turned a yellowy/brown colour (ill attach pics). I am completley stumped. browsing through forums it looks like nute burn. But this is impossible as i havent given it any? The only other thing i can think would be deffincency but the rest of plant looks as healthy as i ever (well i think anyway ahha).

Any info or help on this would be massivley appreciated.

*** I know someone is going to tell me to go and buy CFLs and stop being tight. But this is more of an experiement, as my first gro to see if its for me, im delighted to say so far it is!!!

I will try and upload pics but absolute newbie, trying to do this on my phone, wish me luck!

August 12, 2017 at 10:38AM

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