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help first timew grower

hi i got given a plant that was a mother plant that lived in a green house were i got my grow set up from i got home put it up and after week one flowering im seeing this i flushed it out and checked ph level twice week of the soil andthe water every time i water it ive tide it bk to keep off the 600w hps light but noticed still doing it is it coz im not giving it anuff food and i did transfer it to bigger pot as had it now 6 days thanks for advice as im alittle worryed on waterign it and over nut it i normally go water water feed and im growing in coco and my feed isnt top self stuff yet but its for hydro

as you can see the leafs are going brown the temp is a steady 77 f to 80f its on 12 12 light and hum is 48 % to 51%

August 10, 2017 at 11:35PM

How to fix your weed plant problem .. read this fix

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left my plant outside for one night and...

View attachment 4297553View attachment 4297554View attachment 4297555 Fell asleep and forgot to bring her in for the night, i come to see her and sure enough she got got scalped, looks as if something took green off the leaves without fulling cutting through.who knows mates!! i havent seen progression of it so assuming its not a deficiency.
March 10, 2019 at 04:48AM

How to fix your marijuana plant problem .. read this fix

**Please Help Leaves Tacoing bad in Veg** pics included


4-5 days ago leaves started doing an upward taco effect only in my veg. I have 3 wall fans, and a mini split to keep the room controlled. Temps are between 78-81 with 51-76% humidity

However, when I do sprays and waters etc... my shop is very cold and let’s a rush of cool I’m while I’m working in there

Here are some photos - the plants most affected are my chocolope the majority of my Keebler strain doing have tacoing like this going on and they’re all lumped together...

**Please Help Leaves Tacoing bad in Veg** pics included
March 08, 2019 at 08:38PM

How to fix your marijuana plant problem .. read this fix

What is this? What causes it? Should I be concerned?